Learn how effective and intrinsically important the use of the Power of Intention is in Acting and your life.

In the Power of Intention MasterClass, I give you…

  1. How to gain access to limitless creative freedom in your performances even when you are inexperienced and work on the same piece multiple times. 
  2. Learn to have the ability always to create fresh and anew on Stage. Kiss stale and stagnant performances goodbye for good. 
  3. How to always predict your next grand performance with absolute confidence and certainty 
  4. Learn about your guaranteed path towards Acting Mastery with this simple technique. 
  5. Forget relying on luck or any other random circumstances to achieve Mastery progressively every time you are Up! 
  6. How to transform inexperience and lack of practice into Acting Maturity and “Tablas” without expending lots of money in training or booking a lifetime of experience in Acting jobs. 
  7. The single most significant mistake Actors/Actresses make is thinking that will help them improve but instead conceals their confidence further. 
  8. How to quit doubting and overthinking when you are on Stage. 
  9. You will discover the single obstacle stopping you from achieving your Acting Career Dreams. It’s simpler than you think. 
  10. You will learn how easy it is to be ready for your scene in character and at climax energy even before performing. 
  11. You will learn that the Power of Intention gives you anything you want in life, most notably how it works so that you can use it effectively and at will. 
  12. Letting go on Stage and Enjoying the performance is not only about being confident; there’s something much more - learn this little known secret. 
  13. Learn how you can direct your performances to move your audience and evoke the emotions you desire in them. 
  14. Discover the SIX specific Acting and Method Acting techniques that you can use to apply the power of Intention in Acting- 
  15. You will learn a Masterful Step by Step Process, exercises and practice technique #1 to apply the power of Intention in Acting

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