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On Method Acting

Acting and living, and everything else, for that matter, is compassion.

What Lee and Stella [Adler] and Mira [Rostova] and Herbert [Berghof] were all espousing was compassion, an amplification of humanity, which is all that will save a scene or a play or a relationship or the world.

The world is so inordinately tiny not geographically, but spiritually. We shuffle along, happy to do the least amount of work, the least amount of exploration, perhaps because we feel we don't deserve all the riches that surround us.

Movies and plays and art and music and interaction with other people who sought compassion and understanding saved me. They will save us all. What is at the heart of The Method is compassion, empathy.

Go into your private moments and private spaces and realise all that you've felt and all that has been given to you and taken away. We will never murder; we might never give birth; we were not Napoleon. But within us are similar emotions, drives, feelings that can place us within an adjoining heart of a murderer; of Napoleon. Of anyone.

What the teachers were telling us, what Lee was telling his students, was to empathise with your own history and to merge with the histories of others.

Art means nothing if it does not connect with an audience, even it might be an audience of one. Honesty with our emotions will find a connection with the honesty of someone else with their own feelings. Otherwise, it is performing, which is not to be confused with acting.

Call it Method, call it acting, call it art, it is the painful, glorious compassion that joins us all, shared in one space at one time."

Marlon Brando

Take full control of your acting career. Increase your confidence superpower with every audition. Become authentic and truly versatile.

Master your Craft. Know your limitless power own your uniqueness. Unveil your path to success. Focus on your goals and reach them.

Feel 100% natural and in control of your character. Feel the character belongs to you and was written for you. Work on some of the most famous and emblematic monologues of all times and make them yours.

Learn how to harness the universal common archetypes essence to bring you as close to your character as you can ever be. Skyrocket your audition technique to blow casting directors away.

Use these effective Method Acting exercises to get into character truthfully and fast. Master your monologues and become the character your desire at any time and at will.

Monologue Mastery With Method Acting For Male Actors

  • Gives you a set of tools that will reinforce your talent and abilities.
  • You learn what are the essential steps to developing a powerful road-map strategy to career success and fulfilment.
  • You learn techniques that will help you improve characterisation x 10 and consistently create truthful and meaningful performances.
  • It guides you on to the best ways towards enhancing compelling characters.
  • You learn to embrace your character truthfully and fast
  • You are able to apply the knowledge to any character you work on in the future.
  • Monologue Mastery shows you how to become a memorable Actor and stand out from the rest.

Everything you learn during this course will serve you to prepare and master any future roles you work on.

Amazing monologues from legendary characters in iconic films

"American Beauty" 1999 "A Bronx Tale" 1993 "Unbearable Hotness" a Play in One Act by Gabriel Davies and "Fences" 1916. The downloadable pdf for educational purposes only files contain The monologue text, character analysis, story background, Monologue segments, relevant information about the film. Special details for the characterisation process. Learning, preparing and performing coaching for each monologue.

Mind Mastery for Actors and the Art of Harnessing the Law of Attraction Master Class Series

One Neuroplasticity Masterclass video, worksheet, and discussions revealing one secret behind the power of the mind for the manifestation of all your desires. Technique, practices and exercises to learn to use the findings in the field of Neuroscience to your advantage for acting career success.

Method Acting Techniques Methodology & Exercises to go with each of your Monologues and One Foundation Method Acting Practice to develop throughout your training

Method Acting is not one more way to achieving mastery of the craft is the way. In Monologue Mastering, you have the opportunity primarily to indulge in the Dramatic Art of The Method, the active analysis of the method of physical action. A concise introduction and illuminating exploration of the teachings of Stanislavsky and Strasberg.

The 12 common Archetypes for Actors pdf

The key to understanding the universal essence of your characters. Identify what moves their motivations and learn to predict their feelings. Deeply understand their why, their fears, dreams their mission.

Acting Career Path Assessment

This assessment helps you with accountability, goal setting, designing your career path. I will send you an initial outline with clear advice on your next steps based on your specific goals, ambitions and desires.

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