This Bundle includes 13 Online Group Coaching Sessions

The Acting Masterclass

The Acting Masterclass Coaching

Acting Masterclass Methodologies: 




Method Acting 

Physical Theatre


Creating the Perfect Audition Self Tape 

Defying your Road map to Acting Career Success 

Road map to Acting Career Success Assessment 

The Acting Masterclass

13 Acting Craft Mastery Methods

Technics and Exercises

A sequence of efficient and laser-focused Acting exercises and techniques for optimal preparedness; it conditions you and dramatically boosts your confidence and disposition. Spend from 3 minutes to 45 minutes or as many hours as you desire with with each Acting Craft Mastery here introduced.

The Acting MasterClass Course includes 13  Acting Mastery Exercises containing 4 Sections Each 

  • Section One - Acting Exercises to be performed group and solo instructions 
  • Section Two- Health, Well-being and Artistic Benefits 
  • Section Three- Acting Craft Mastery Objective 
  • Section Four - Performance Tips 

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The Acting Masterclass

The Acting Masterclass

Get starter with the Most effective ways into Acting Craft Mastery including… 


  • Full body workout.
  • Deep relaxation.
  • Deep focus
  • Attentiveness.
  • A state of neutral.
  • Becoming a blank canvas ready for inspiration and creation.
  • Faster and accurate processing of information. Improving memories formation.
  • Enhanced creativity. 
  • Released Tension.
  • Energising your body
  • Stress management.
  • Method Acting Character prepping.

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