Would you like to know a surprising way to  masterfully prepare for and nail your next audition?f.

Do you know what are the Biggest Mistakes most actors make hoping it will help them but instead it is blocking them from achieving a successful career in acting?

How can you align your life with the career in acting you desire?

Learn which path to follow for mastery and confidence in Method Acting. Learn how you can leverage your uniqueness for success and finally understand what is the type of the Determination you can harness for unshakable success in your Acting Career.

Acting Career Success Step 1: Clarity

Step one on your path toward success is knowing exactly what you want. When you know what will bring you the most fulfilment and satisfaction. When you are 100% clear about what your dreams and desires look like. When you know exactly what you need and make the choice to give it to yourself you are 100% likely to see everything you want become your reality.

One on One Coaching

Audition Mastery Coaching

Breakthrough Audition Coaching Online Session

A two-hour slot per session is recommended. 

Many performers find preparing for auditions a source of nerves and a lack of confidence under pressure. We struggle with short preparation time; this can also mean a lack of knowledge of the role, intensifying fear of competition.

The most common pains related to auditions are uncertainty/insecurity and fear of rejection. Commonly, confidence can be random and often dependent on mood or luck. This happens because the focus of the audition needs to be in the right place: You.

What You Master and How you feel during and after Breakthrough Audition Coaching 

  1. Learn to enjoy the audition as a unique experience and an opportunity to boost your confidence.
  2. Learn to Prepare like a Pro in a short time, if necessary, and enjoy the process of preparation to the full.
  3. Becoming empowered and in awe of your creativity during the sessions.
  4. Learn how to quickly get to know your character in great detail with in-depth knowledge.
  5. Students leave the sessions satisfied with their creations and with a deeper understanding of their uniqueness in the Acting Craft. 

Get ready to shine and enjoy yourself fully at your next audition.

With Breakthrough Audition Coaching,

You prepare, learn where confidence resides, and most importantly, realise what's the most practical yet beneficial use you can give to attending your auditions.

Intensive Character Development

When developing a character, performers often encounter a lack of freedom in creativity. They get stuck with their character growth and find blockages, unable to let their imagination run. This leads to feeling restricted and limited with the character and making weak character development choices. 

Without the correct Acting Mastery tool kit, repetition and constant rehearsal make the character stale, predictable and shallow instead of ever-evolving and limitlessly growing, how it should be.

The struggles are the inability to develop the role freely and ending up with an unfulfilling character. 

What you will get with Intensive Character Development Sessions: 

  • Seeing your character develop into uncharted territory. 
  • See your creative skills flourish once you get familiar with our Acting Mastery tool kit.
  • You will observe how your character grows and develops every time you work on it, no matter how long you work on it or how many times you repeat the text.
  • You learn to create anew, afresh, moment by moment, each time to practice. 

Our Students/Clients book Intensive Character Development sessions when they feel their character Is stale, lifeless, repetitive, predictable, and ultimately lacking in spark. Or as soon as they begin to work on a new character.

In the sessions, they learn to develop truth and aliveness. We reveal the tools to use your imagination to build unrestricted and limitless.

With Intensive Character Development coaching, You become aware of your intrinsic ability to create uniquely and limitlessly.

Method Acting Mastery

A two-hour slot per session is recommended 

Acting professionals agree that adequate advanced acting training is hardly available.

Most educational institutions teach nothing but the basics in a generalised form that completely nullifies the creative mind and the uniqueness of the individual artist.

This means that the average Actor/Actress does not know how to create an organic and truthful character. They often run out of inspiration once we have gone through all the information they have about the character they are working on.

Mastering Method Acting helps create ever-evolving and limitless Characters drawn from unique individual experiences and perceptions.

Method Acting leads you to understand the core of building the inner life of a role truthfully manifested on the stage.

The Problems we are solving with Method Acting Mastery:

  1. Reducing the general Lack of Knowledge of the Acting Craft 
  2. Providing a High Level of Acting Mastery and Advanced Acting Training for Students and Professionals. 

Actors/Actresses who are unfamiliar with Method Acting Mastery are missing out on the techniques that make performers robust in their Acting Craft.

Method Acting Mastery helps you with…

Having in your possession a tool kit that lets you instantly and organically reach out into the inner life of your character at any level or stage desired.

The ability to draw out more and more truth from your creations at will while embarking on the most satisfying journey to acting craft Mastery.

With Method Acting Mastery, We give you the tools to Master the Method. You learn how to apply the techniques in a way that's unique to your specific creativity signature.

Our Method, Acting Mastery techniques, are Sylvia Love Johnson's Acting Coaching teaching adaptations from Stanislavsky's and Strasberg's methodologies infused with her Acting Mastery methodology to include modern practices and philosophy as well as science, based on the creative power of imagination, manifestation, human creativity, inner power and our ability to draw anything we desire from Source. 

Acting Career Coaching

MUA: Acting Career Coach 

A two-hour slot per session is recommended 

Why would you need an Acting Career Coach?

  • Are you feeling stuck in your Acting Career?
  • Is the competition out there overwhelming?
  • Are you not up to the standard needed to compete with A-Listers?
  • You don't know where/how to find the work you truly desire or if it's impossible.
  • You don't know how to shake the "lack of confidence" and limiting beliefs about achieving success in Acting. 
  • You feel you are settling for less than you desire in your work.
  • Do you think you need to do too many "unwanted" jobs before you can get onto "the good stuff" you want?
  • You don't have the contacts you need to advance in the industry.
  • You want to understand what it really is to be "in the right place and at the right time." 
  • You want to learn how to create the opportunities you desire for your career. 

Many Actors/Actresses, the famous 90%, do not have a fulfilling and satisfying career in Acting; therefore, they quit their dream to become successful.

The other 10% are successful; they are getting what they want. You have the right to get what you want too. 

It is not fun when one is trying everything possible to fulfil their passion and lacks clarity on how to get there. They sometimes feel dissatisfied and lost; it's impressive how we artists keep going, always full of faith and trust in our desires, until we feel really stuck and do not know where to go or what to do next.

The perfect picture is what you get with MUA:

  • You create your unique road map to Acting Career Success.
  • Work only on the projects you want.
  • Make all the connections you desire for your Acting Career.
  • Learning to create the exact opportunities you want to advance in your Acting Career. 

With our Acting Career Coach program MUA,

You will develop your unique path to Acting Career Success by learning everything these three simple yet heart-centred, and Soul focused principles:

  1. Mastery of the Acting Craft. 
  2. Uniqueness is your greatest asset. 
  3. Align with your acting career path to see it manifest.

Acting Masterclass

The Ultimate Actor's Warm-up - Acting Masterclass

A passionate Acting Masterclass for All levels that will transform your Actor’s lifestyle with fitness, inspiration, emotional freedom and Acting Craft Mastery