Acting Craft Mastery

Method Acting 

When researching and preparing a role, your aim is not to learn and remember as many things about your Character. You aim to start thinking and acting like your Character from day one of your research. To achieve this, your research is not merely intellectual; your research also needs to be emotional and spiritual. It needs to involve psychological discoveries and action; to be more specific, you must use Improvisation and imagination, employing your senses and emotions.

Method Acting consists of several techniques that help guide your character research. It's thought-provoking; it enhances and expands your imagination and uses Improvisation as the canvas you begin to draw your Character on. 

Characterisation becomes your Second Nature when You Master the Craft.

You have reached the Character you are working on in a way it can flourish while becoming the most self-fulfilling work you will ever do.

With these laser-focused character-building driven courses, you became a Master in Characterisation.

Characterisation questions help you understand how creating limitlessly in a powerful, fulfilling and impacting way can become second nature while simultaneously being the most fulfilling job and your best night/day out. We know how much we love what we do, and it doesn't feel like working.

Monologue Mastery is the Key to Audition Success 

With the right set of monologues in your repertoire, you carry irrefutable proof of the kind of strong and versatile Actor you are. 

Monologue Mastery is essential for your success at auditions. Monologue Mastery lets you showcase your talent at the hand of the greatest authors. 

With this Bundle, you get Legendary Monologues by legendary Characters written by the most talented writers we know. 

Start Enjoying

  1. Being true to this art form.
  2. Becoming fulfilled in your acting career.
  3. Achieving meaningful performances that reach the audience's hearts.
  4. Discovering your confidence superpower.

Method Acting, Characterisation, Monologue Mastery

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Method Acting, Characterisation & Monologue Mastery for the Actor and the Actress


You are at an audition, and you have done your beautiful monologue perfectly; they are astonished. They want to see more; they need to know if that extraordinary delivery was just a fluke or if you are a great artist and can repeatedly astonish them with different characters.

Imagine you are standing there, unable to show them more, unable to show them another monologue because that is the only one you ever prepare.

How would that make you feel? What does that say about your abilities? How does that make you look?

Imagine that instead, you can give them a set of archetypes to pick from to do your following monologue. You ask them, what would you like to see next?

They pick a random type of Character, the first thing that comes to mind, and you know exactly what they want. You start to deliver your following monologue, you transform into this new, totally different unique Character, and you see their jaws drop.

When a casting director likes you, they want to see more.

Become a Master of the Acting Craft

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Sneak Peek Inside 

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

• You'll find out what Mastering The Craft is all about and how you can avoid learning Acting "the wrong way", which is then very difficult if not impossible to unlearn.

• How my little-known Archetypes for Actors Secret can help you always get an in-Depth feel, sense and irrefutable knowledge of who your Character is and how to portray them truthfully every time you'll be amazed!

• The #1 crucial secret every Actor ought to know about being In-The-Moment, and in Character from the very second they walk into their Scene.

• Which of these 3 Acting techniques and tools: Prepping Warm-up, Mind mastery and Improvisation, are you overlooking? Find out in module #7

• Why do some Actors almost always nail their characterisation? You'll discover their secrets to feel 100% confident about your work!

• You'll discover a drop-dead-easy way to be, and at the moment in Character in an instant onset or the stage, you'll wish you had known about this years ago!

• Find out why so many people quit this profession discouraged and how you can make sure it never happens to you!

• The "can't fail" way to get your monologue right, delivering it powerfully and anew each time, no matter how many times you do it. Learn this once, and you'll be blown away by the results!

• The absolute best way to do meaningful character research for a monologue is when you have very little or no background information at all.

• The 3 secrets of becoming a potent and transformative Actor beyond versatility, virtually guaranteeing your success!

And so much more.

On Method Acting

"Acting and living, and everything else, for that matter, is compassion. 

What Lee and Stella [Adler] and Mira [Rostova] and Herbert [Berghof] were all espousing was compassion, an amplification of humanity, which is all that will save a scene or a play or a relationship or the world. 

The world is so inordinately tiny, not geographically but spiritually. We shuffle along, happy to do the least amount of work and exploration, perhaps because we feel we don't deserve all the riches that surround us.

Movies, plays, art, music, and interaction with other people who sought compassion and understanding saved me, and they will keep us all. What is at the heart of The Method is compassion and empathy. 

Go into your private moments and private spaces and realise all you've felt and all that has been given to you and taken away. We will never murder; we might never give birth; we were not Napoleon. But within us are similar emotions, drives, feelings that can place us within an adjoining heart of a murderer, of Napoleon. Of anyone.

What the teachers were telling us, what Lee was telling his students, was to empathise with your own history and to merge with the histories of others.

Art means nothing if it does not connect with an audience, even if it might be an audience of one. Honesty with our emotions will connect with the honesty of someone else with their own feelings. Otherwise, it is performing, which is not confused with acting. 

Call it Method, call it acting, call it art; it is the painful, glorious compassion that joins us all, shared in one space at one time."

Marlon Brando