Do’s and Don’t s

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EXTRA Important Dos and Don’ts

Don’t miss out on all the support and extra training available by email

The email series is designed to complement the course so that you get more in-depth training and specific advice and tips. Take full advantage of the extra support available via email. I see x100 improvement and higher levels of mastery in students who go through all the support we provide and take advantage of absolutely everything we offer in this course. Specifically, email support and extra training. Your training will fuller and more complete when you take advantage of this. 

So I know your progress, I can follow your learning and know how to help you best at any given time. I will be contacting you via email to give you extra support and feedback.

Your Feedback is Incredibly Valuable

I live for your feedback. It helps shape this course and any other thing I create. I need you to let me know what you think. What you loved. What you would improve. How easy/hard it has been. How complete you feel it is. How helpful is it for your development as an Actor.

Connect with me and my team of coaches so I can help you best.

Reading your worksheets gives me great insight on where you are at as an actor, you level of mastery, you potential and where you need help the most. Send me everything.

It is very important that you go through the course in a way that is conscious and intentional. Take all the time needed to deeply learn and master the techniques a I teach you throughout.

The Key point and the Purpose of the Course

You might feel insecure or lacking confidence. It does't matter it happens to 100% of Actors. It is part of being an Actor. Send us your performance anyway. This is important as you get direct feedback, direction and notes to improve your performance. I see x100 improvement after my directions. Send your videos to [email protected] or post them in our Monologue Mastery Facebook group. Increase confidence, be successful at your auditions, perfect your technique. Master the Craft. Learn the basics of delivering memorable performances.

Monologue Mastery Do's and Don'ts.pdf

Enjoy it!

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